These are a Few of My Favorite Things

These are a Few of My Favorite Things
These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It Doesn't Have to Be Old to Be Interesting!

Such a wonderful kind of day!  The snow fell last night representing the first really significant snow we have had this year here in the Ohio Valley.  It is one of those blowing kind of blustery snows and the temperature guage read 16 degrees this morning.  My little dogs made short work of their morning trip outside.  Clark built a crackeling fire in the fireplace and I made our breakfast of eggs, sausage and pancakes with mugs of steaming hot coffee.  Now the dogs are keeping me company as I write this.  Katie, our Boston Terrier has found a sunny spot on the couch and Izzie, our Bichon Frise is snuggled next to me in my chair. 

This is a day to decide on spring projects and sprucing up our homes for the new season.  The Primitive Decorating style is very easy to accomplish and is also a very forgiving style.  Several ladies that I have talked to about this style of decorating seem to shy away from it even though they really love it.  You can change many styles to coordinate with the Primitive Style by just working in a few prim style items with what you already have.  You don't have to be a purist and have everything be a genuine antique.  Of course, the more antiques and true primitive items, the better, but you can also achieve the look you love by adding in some readily available reproduction items.  You can also decide the degree of primitives that you decide to add to your home decor.  You can go as pure prim as you want or as in my case, I like mixing prim antiques and reproductions with my other items to achieve just the degree of prim that I am comfortable with.  The picture above shows a mixture of old and reproduction items and I think it makes a pleasing display.  The slate, school books and shoes are all very old.  The little dress, candle holders, candles and make do pincushion are reproductions.

These little resin shoes are a wonderful treasure that I found in my friend, Becky's shop, The Tin Shack in Georgetown, OH.  While they are not old, the add that great touch of prim to a table.

I also found this little bird in Becky's shop.  It is also a reproduction, but I love the patina that the moss gives the piece.  This is a great addition to a spring display either indoors or outside in the garden.

This is a display of a new lamp, a small antique stool, a reproduction box tray with tin patchwork filled with a candle.  The signs are also reproductions.  I love the way that these items complement each other. 

Your home represents your own personal signature.  Place your items and stand back and look at them as a guest would upon entering your room.  If the display is not pleasing to your eye, repeat the process until it looks right in your eye.


  1. You sure have some wonderful prim things!
    I Love the shoes ~ adorable!
    Thanks for showing your displays!
    Stay Warm!
    Prim Blessings

  2. Yeah, we have that blowing snow too. Very cold too and our kitties are making quick trips out and back in.
    That staging of our primitives can take awhile. I'm doing it all the time :o) Love yours! Some of my favorite things too.

  3. It is cold here this morning, 22 burr, you are even colder. I love those little girl shoes, I have 1 shoe, my goal is to have a pair one day, and an old school slate, awesome treasures. Hugs, Lecia