These are a Few of My Favorite Things

These are a Few of My Favorite Things
These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Old Coffee Grinder

The coffee grinder featured here is a Logan and Stonebridge model.  We are not sure of it's exact age but this company manufactured coffee grinders in the nineteenth century.  We purchased it from my late step father when he had an antiques shop.  To own an antique coffee grinder is having a piece of history.  Not only can you still use them to grind coffee beans, they also serve as a wonderful piece of Primitive decor for your home.  The hobby of collecting antique coffee grinders is growing in popularity since more collectors are learning that these wonderful pieces are not only decorative, they are also very useful.  Many coffee lovers claim that once you have tasted coffee ground in an antique coffee grinder, you will never go back to a modern electric one.  In these old manual models, there is no motor to overheat and give the coffee a burnt taste.  Antique coffee grinders come in a wide variety of price ranges.  If you are looking to add one to your collection, it helps to understand the best brands to look for.  While the very oldest ones are held in museums, most people look for coffee grinders manufactured in the 19th or 20th century.  The brands that are most sought after by the collectors are: Steinfeld, Logan and Stonebridge, Arcade, Wilmot Castle, Elma, Kenrick, PeDe, Armin Trosser and several more.  If you are looking for a coffee grinder to use for coffee grinding, you should look for one made purely of metal.  On some of the older wood and metal ones, the screws and wooden parts might not be strong enough for daily use since it was used 50 to 100 years ago.  If it will be used purely as decoration, it will not matter to you.   The wood and metal scoop and tea towel pictured above  will be available in the Persnickety Primitives shop.
(Research taken from "Love to Know Antiques" and "2010")

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